“Dmaze when I’m all up in your face” is the catchy phrase spoken by DMAZE, Rapper/Songwriter, from Fayetteville, NC. Dmaze started her rap journey with a group of friends back in 2016. Ever since then, she has created different songs that are expressed by low tones, 808s, and rhythmic flow. Inspired by Missy Elliot, Eve, Foxy Brown and Timberland, the funk/ street flow will never stop. With lyrical passion so big, Dmaze inspires to be the worldwide artist with fresh taste and original flows. One of her many passions is the Arts and growing up she has indulged in painting, drawing and even wood burning. Many things she has done have led her here, but it’s the things she will do that’ll get her there.

Dmaze's Performance Clips

Dmaze in action