Mxbstar Veezo aka Veezo is an American Rap Artist from Fayetteville North Carolina. Veezo has a unique style of rapping which make him recognizable as one of the top local rappers in tha Ville.

During his first attempt at rapping, he recorded a song titled “No Hook” and it turned out to be straight fire! At that moment, people started to take notice and realized that he definitely had something different to bring to the game.

Veezo has been grinding in the rap game and now has a catalog of over 200 songs. He is inspired by artists such as Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, and Young Dolph just to name a few. He especially admired how they took the independent route to the game as well as their loyalty by keeping the same faces around them.

Veezo kept finding himself in and out of trouble in his youth by being rebellious and not making smart decisions. He sought refuge in his music to help circumvent this. He started taking music more seriously and as a result he dropped a few videos along with his music which cause a positive reaction by his peers. Because of his newfound local success, he was inspired to continue to focus and make more music and videos.

Despite his success, Veezo found himself in more trouble and ended up taking a hiatus from the music scene as in a reconstruction phase. In 2018, Veezo returned to the studios in Orlando Florida on another quest for success. Shortly afterwards, he moved to Dallas Texas and continue working on his craft. After a short stint in Dallas, he had another set-back due to being extradited back to North Carolina. Even though he had numerous set-backs that still didn’t stop him from working harder and releasing new music. Two weeks later he dropped a video titled “News” and released a mix tape titled “Flight Risk”.

Veezo went on to release two more projects titled “Bad Bad” and “Out the Blue”, in addition to releasing a few singles such as “Post Notifications”, “Jason”, “Arm and Hammer” and a video to a trending song called “Ahh Shh”.

During vacation in NC, Veezo met Link (the President/CEO) of Wynning Entertainment and experience firsthand how the team operated. He had the opportunity to share music with Link in which he approved of and since then they have formed a good business relationship. Veezo and Link are now working together on projects, with hopes this will help him prepare for the next level and get the exposure that he needs to be successful.