NINO the CEO is a recording artist originally out of Dunn, North Carolina (NC) but currently resides in Raleigh, NC. Since the age of eight, his interest in Hip-Hop began with movies and the soundtracks to those movies. In the early 90’s music began to become more of a part of his life. He began to memorize the most popular songs on Hip-Hop radio and TV stations. He had an ear for all genres which made him more in tune to the artistic side of music. He wrote his first rhyme at the age of twelve but was more in tune with the street life. While not realizing what the streets was teaching him, it would eventually be the foundation for his style of reality rap.

Pictures and images became words and songs after the streets got the best of him and landed him on his first prison stint. Behind the bars he had time to perfect his craft and became an artist since his only escape was writing his story (HISTORY). Over the years his style began to develop into a play on different words and metaphors. His style has been compared to lyricist such as Jadakiss, Beanie Segal, Mase, and Fabolous just to name a few. With an east coast delivery, people often say he has an up north flow even though he was born and raised in North Carolina. His style is very versatile, and his flow is more methodical at this point in his career. He will be “FROZEN ‘N’ HELL” for life but winning is something he possess. So, it was only fittin’ to join the Wynning Entertainment Team to display his talent.

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