Reidman Deuce is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and director. He is well known for his mix of rapping and singing melodies in his music. His combination of lyrical flow and melodic swings makes his sound extremely unique.

His interest in music started at a very young age while singing with his family in the church choir. He initially started as a poet and singer, but by the age of 19 his passion and focus shifted as he developed a strong interest in rapping. Building on his musical background he began to take it more seriously, linked up with other local artist and worked hard on his craft.

Reidman Deuce is inspired by artists such as, Drake, Future, Ludacris, Michael Jackson and Chris brown, and he incorporates a lot of thier sounds to create his own.

He’s gained notoriety through dropping a plethora of mixtapes, singles, collaborations, and videos. His catalogue includes: Alone, The CANT’R, Deuces Wild, Do Right and Kill Everything, Free World, Tupac Jackson, Just Because, Amen, and Vibes.

Videos include: For Twinny, Retaliate, Super Hot, Stick n Move, Lately, 6ix, Dark Knight, Special Forces, and Halloween.

Singles include: Mind Games, This Smog, IDGAF, Army Ranger, Special Forces, and Lately. Find all of his work on all digital distribution platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc, and videos on Vevo and YouTube.

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