Showty 4’llebn (showty four eleven), a Fayetteville NC based singer-songwriter, and rap artist was born in the small town of Dunn NC. She started at the early age of seven orchestrating mini concerts with her cousins in her grandmothers living room and performed for family and friends. Showty4’llebn has a unique voice with a funky style that makes her stand out from the rest. This is when she knew she was destined to be an entertainer in the music industry. She was a highly motivated and energetic youngster who would always be the first to jump for the lead singer role.

At the age of ten, Showty 4’llebn moved to Fayetteville NC, where she had to adapt to an extremely different atmosphere and much faster environment. She continued to perform at school talent shows and sang in the church choir throughout her life. Since she was also very good at hip-hop dancing, she gained respect as one of the best dancers in the local areas.

At the age of 15 she left home and learned the game of hustling and surviving. It would be then that she met her “Partner in Rhyme”, Tyrone Sherlock a.k.a. Tlock. She collaborated with Tlock by singing the chorus for one of their songs and they immediately became a local sensation. They won and reigned as the first champions of, “Iron Mic Battle” formally known as “The Grind” in Fayetteville NC (a rap and music competition of local preferred performers). This pushed her motivation to continue to win every competition they were in. She has always performed and danced with passion to impress the audiences for all performances.

By dominating competitions Showty4’llebn earned bigger opportunities such as performing the opening act for Bad Boy artists Craig Mack and Ashanti. Additionally, they had the honor to perform in front of the late queen Afeni Shakur in a talent show, in which Mrs. Shakur personally gave them extremely high accolades!

Showty 4’llebn” had a couple of setbacks while pursuing her music career that caused a hiatus. This caused her to have to fall back on her musical craft due to the circumstances. Always being tough, she bounced back and overcame the setbacks and resumed making music.

Showty 4’llebn continues with Tlock to write and perform original music and gain fame in their city as the only female/male rap duos. Her music is a combination of realness, entertainment, high energy, and fun to listen to. Her wordplay is very articulate, crafty, and metaphorically packed with lyrical content. Her end goal is to be so successful that it will make other artists all over the world to be compared to showty 4’llebn!!



Doin' it for tha Hood!