Skoot is an American rapper and songwriter, distinctively known for his signature tag sound “Skoot Skoot”, and a mix of nasal vocal tone and melody which vocally sets him apart from others. It's like having two artist in one. This electrifying Artist captures you with his witty flow and impressive song arrangements.

Skoot’s interest in rapping began when he was in High School but didn’t fully commit until later in college. Inspired by other Artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, and XXXTENTACION , he started rapping, and wants to establish himself as a prominent rapper in the music industry. 

His signature rapid delivery technique has been praised and admired by many Rap-heads. He draws inspiration from multiple sources which makes up his unique and distinctive sound of music instruments and beats. Though his musical journey began early, his goal is to establish himself as one of the true talents that the music industry must watch out for.

Skoot.HOE independently dropped mixtapes and singles in and around the city, which gained him great notoriety and made him a local celebrity. His catalogue includes: i. Loiter Tape | Head Ova Everything (HOE) | and Kaiju King (2016) ii. Amazing World of Skoot.Hoe |  Hoevibes (2017) iii. Razor Gang (2018) iv. Loiter Tape 2 (2019)

Music Videos

Lift Off Skoot.HOE

Halloween- Reidman Deuce (ft. Skoot)

Vibe Wit Us (feat.Roulette)

So Anxious -Skoot

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Video Clips

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Recording "So Anxious"

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Live Performance of 'Lift Off '

Live Performance of 'So Anxious'