TaeDoe Havoc

Jaronte Quashawn Williams “TaeDoe Havoc” is a Rapper/Songwriter. He was born 18 June 1993 in Raeford North Carolina. Growing up, Jaronte was always inspired by older generations of music. He would often sing songs verbatim from some of his favorite artist and bands; like The Gap Band, Earth Wind and Fire, and more.

At the age of ten he moved to Fayetteville North Carolina, where attended E.E. Smith high school, played basketball, football, and ran track. Although he loved playing sports, his passion for music was feeding his soul. Coming up in tha hood, Havoc often engaged in battle rapping, which helped develop his lyrical talent and strong delivery. His music can transition from a laidback and smooth style, to hyped and gritty at the flip of a dime!

Havoc’s inspiration stems from some of the artist he admires such as J.Cole, Lil Wayne, and Gucci mane. He is inspired by J.Cole’s lyricism and the fact that he is a Fayetteville native, Lil Wayne because of his word play, and Gucci Mane because of his swagger.

Havoc has the skill to adapt and master different types of flows. His Goal as a rapper is to give his listeners great music. He wants to be classified as one of the best rappers ever! He now feels grateful to be on a platform where he has the opportunity to showcase his skills and talents.

Video Clips

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TaeDoe Havoc

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Recording of "PearlFection"